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In cases such as these, we are your strong partner

Owner-managed companies (key handover/mutual approach)

The prospect of having to hand over the fate of your own successful business is a challenge – and this process can harbour numerous risks in the absence of expert guidance. You may want to reduce your professional activities or step out of your professional environment altogether for reasons of age, health or personal circumstances. Or you no longer want to handle all responsibilities on your own.

And you might wish to still be able to look back on a flourishing company in five to ten years’ time with a sense of achievement. These are just a few of the many scenarios in which MIB can become a strong partner at your side. Whether you want to remain active in your company for a longer period of time or want to retire quickly from the active business.

Group (“Spin off/Carve-Out”)

Do you work in a group of which one or more shares are to be spun off, split off or sold? Could you imagine a future scenario in which you act as the managing director or

managing partner of the company being created? Also in these cases, MIB can bring its expertise into play in an effective and goal-oriented manner.

Reorganization/Reshaping of shareholder structure (with long-term orientation)

„Key handover“

Short-term succession transition

"Joint approach"

Medium to long-term succession transition

"Spin off/carve out"

Spin-off from larger group or business unit

Our customised concepts cover the entire range from short-term handover to long-term partnership!

Manager seeks investment – investment seeks manager

If you are a hands-on type of person and like to manage processes, you will fit right in with us. We are open to active, dynamic and competent individuals who would like to contribute their expertise and potentially a limited amount of capital to the operational environment and

and make an efficient and lasting impact within the framework of a business stake. Our business model enables the respective management to participate in the business as a shareholder in addition to managing the company and its day-to-day operations.

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