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Noise control technology and occupational health and safety

Kaschwig Group offers individual sound insulation solutions

With the Kaschwig Group, MIB has a proven noise protection specialist in its portfolio. The company, based in Muensterland, designs, produces and sells solutions for industrial noise, accident, and plant protection worldwide. The professional technology helps to protect the health of employees and create optimal working conditions.

The shelters, which are built in modular and individual designs, are used in a wide range of industries, for example in wood and metal processing, the automotive, building materials, and recycling industries, or the stone molding or glass industries. MIB supports and accompanies the management team on site in the strategic and operational development of the Kaschwig Group.

Numbers, data, facts

Acquisition:May 2020
Reason for investment:Company succession
Company foundation:1978
Location:Sendenhorst (Muensterland)
Core competencies:Planning, design, and production of solutions for noise, accident, and plant protection in modular and individual design methods
Number of employees:Approx. 60 specialists in production and administration
Office and production area:Approx. 3,500 m²
Current turnover:Approx. €8 million

Impressions of the company