How we work

We are not temporary partners. We create something lasting.

Our strategy is not the exit, our goal is not the resale of acquired companies, but their long-term and profitable further development.

We treat both the outgoing and the future managing directors of our subsidiaries as equals and show appreciation for what has been created by continuing in the best possible way.

In doing so, we always focus on transparency, competitiveness – and on existing structures. The field of operative business we supervise and accompany from our capacity is entrusted to our local managers, who are expected to conduct their business with a high sense of responsibility.

As pillars in the background, we are of course always available and ready to provide support.

Our business model

In addition to the goal of sustainable further development of our subsidiaries, it is our endeavour to preserve the independence of each subsidiary.

We carefully select management successors according to defined and proven criteria, so that they can then subsequently be given operational responsibility for the respective subsidiary.

We offer professional and strategic support, for example, in the technical, operational and organisational context as well as in development issues. We achieve a clear separation of the fields of action by dispensing with central functions for our subsidiaries, without diminishing or even relinquishing our responsibility. With our customized concepts, we cover the entire spectrum from short-term hand-overs to long-term partnership-based corporate development.

Our process

An acquisition can take place in the short term – symbolically in the form of a quick handover of keys – or in the longer term. In the latter case in particular, we focus on a trusting relationship that lays the groundwork for the decisions to be made by the entrepreneur. Within the framework of this succession solution, MIB acquires up to 100 percent of the shares in the company.

The assessment of the company – the so-called due diligence – usually includes the economic, legal, tax, organisational and technical issues, an analysis of the market and competitive environment and, if necessary, an environmental assessment. These elements are carried out swiftly by our own staff as well as by external specialists and with the necessary discretion. Following an acquisition of a company, the previous owner usually continues to act as managing director for a mutually agreed period of time.

Together with the former owner, MIB management looks for a suitable successor to take over the management of the company. Once the right person has been found, the former company owner inducts him or her.

When looking for managers for our subsidiaries, professional and personal suitability for a responsible management position is just as important to us as individual qualifications are. We assess the relevant factors with utmost care, both in terms of professional knowledge and interdisciplinary skills. In doing so, we focus on the long-term continuation of our respective subsidiary at its location.

We attach great importance to a partnership on an equal footing.

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