Securing the business model in the long term

Production and processing of aluminum profiles

With the acquisition of the Paletti Group, MIB has aquired a hidden champion in the field of aluminum profiles and system solutions. The company, which has sites in Minden, Petershagen, Montgomeryville (USA), and Bolton (GB), not only offers a wide range of high-performance aluminum profiles but also designs and produces measuring and precision systems, laser protection cabins, conveyor and linear technology, as well as protective and partition walls on this basis, which meet the highest standards, safety requirements and quality requirements in the hundredths of a millimeter range.

The company’s customers include automotive manufacturers, the mechanical engineering, aviation, and furniture industries, as well as mail order companies and furnishing groups. MIB is available to advise the Paletti Group, which was acquired as part of a succession plan, on further growth.

  • Precision Technology

  • Laser Enclosures

  • Conveyor Systems

  • Rolling Doors

Numbers, data, facts

Acquisition:July 2021
Reason for investment:Company succession
Company foundation:1990
Locations:Minden, Petershagen, Montgomeryville (USA), Bolton (GB)
Core competencies:Development of precision, measuring, and profile systems, partition walls, laser protection cabins made of aluminum profiles, linear systems, as well as trade in profiles and accessories
Certificates:Tisax, DIN ISO 9001
Number of employees:Approx. 175 specialists in production, administration, and sales
Office and production area:Approx. 19,350 m²
Current turnover:Approx. €30 million

Impressions of the company