Sustainability as a growth driver!

Solutions made from recycled plastic granulate or bioplastics

Production of extrusion-blown hollow plastic packaging!

VPT Frielinghaus GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of packaging made of extrusion-blown plastic hollow bodies for a wide variety of applications. As a far-sighted company, Frielinghaus focused on sustainability and ecology at an early stage and pushed the development and production of sustainable plastic packaging made of Bio-HDPE, 100% recyclate HDPE, HDPE, and PP.

The industries supplied throughout Europe include the pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, cosmetics, and detergent and cleaning agent industries. MIB supports the company, which was taken over in the course of a succession plan, in particular from the point of view of sustainability on its ongoing growth path.

Numbers, data, facts

Acquisition:December 2020
Reason for investment:Company succession
Company foundation:1975
Core competencies:Development and production of extrusion-blown plastic hollow bodies made of Bio-HDPE, 100% recyclate HDPE, HDPE, and PP
Certificates:HACCP, BRCGS, DIN ISO 50001, DIN ISO 9001
Number of employees:Approx. 55 specialists in production and sales
Office and production area:Approx. 11,500 m²
Current turnover:Approx. €9.5 million

Impressions of the company