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Our range of solutions is as multifaceted as each individual company is.

We use flexible elements to tailor processes to specific needs. Our mature and sustainable concept is a major factor contributing to our success.

This is why our acquisitions are made with a high sense of responsibility. Our decisions are based on the utmost care, prudence and meticulousness.

We are a good fit for you if…

  • your company specialises in a technological product segment that has relevant development potential in terms of growth markets and future trends
  • you ideally develop, manufacture and market your own product, have your own technological expertise or another decisive competitive advantage
  • you have built up a solid and broad customer structure without existential dependencies on the procurement side
  • your annual turnover ranges between approx. €10 and approx. €30 million
  • you have been sustainably successful in the past and your company has a stable balance sheet structure
  • your head office is located in Germany or another German-speaking country
  • ideally, all production resources (such as machines, real estate, patents, etc.) are part of the planned transaction

Markets & target industries

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Environmental technology

Automation, measurement and test technology

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Chemical and medical technology

Technical services and infrastructure

Electrical engineering and control technology

Electromobility and energy

Technical services

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