Securing the business model in the long term

High-frequency and magnetic field shielding technology

Develop growth opportunities in a niche market!

Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG (Schwarz Shielding Systems) is one of the leading full-range suppliers of shielding solutions against high-frequency and electromagnetic interference. The company undertakes the planning, design, manufacture, and assembly of system solutions for magnetic shielding (MF) and high-frequency shielding (HF). Schwarz’s know-how and products are used in medicine, industry, research, and by public authorities.

The large customer portfolio includes internationally operating blue-chip customers, clinics, and radiological centers as well as public institutions (universities, research centers, federal offices). Together with the existing management, MIB continues to develop the company, which was acquired as part of a succession plan, in the niche markets it occupies.

Numbers, data, facts

Acquisition:August 2020
Reason for investment:Company succession
Company foundation:1967
Core competencies:Planning, design, production, and assembly of solutions for magnetic shielding, as well as high-frequency shielding for applications in medicine, industry, research, and authorities
Number of employees:Approx. 34 specialists in production, assembly, and sales
Office and production area:Approx. 1,100 m²
Current turnover:Approx. €5 million

Impressions of the company